MediPines AGM100®

Respiratory Monitoring System


Auto Calibration

Immediate Patient Results

Push Button Operation

   Improve Patient Outcomes

   Drive Healthcare Efficiency

   Clarity in Clinical Decision Making

MediPines AGM100®

AGM100 Transparant with Shadow

A Portable Two-Minute Test for Respiratory Impairment Detection

How Does A Gas Exchange Monitor Compare with Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs)?

How does the Oxygen Deficit of healthy lungs compare to the lungs of respiratory patients?

Patient Management with the MediPines Respiratory Monitoring System

Initial Guidance on AGM100® in COVID-19

MediPines has released guidance on the use of AGM100® to assist clinicians in the implementation of CDC and WHO recommendations, as well as recommendations provided by other health authorities.


“We are measuring patients in the emergency room. It’s a form of triage, for what kind of care we are going to provide in the emergency room and possibly as an indicator for whether or not these patients have silent hypoxemia and whether or not these patients should be admitted to the hospital or not.”

Ron Pasewald, RRT, Past President of Wisconsin Society for Respiratory Care 

So, what makes the MediPines Gas Exchange Monitor interesting?
Simply put, it’s new. The Gas Exchange Monitor is the first medical device to integrate a “comprehensive set” of respiratory parameters and indicators drawn from a patient’s breath in a noninvasive test. What’s key is the word “noninvasive.”

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MediPines products are produced in our FDA-registered, MDSAP ISO13485:2016 certified manufacturing facility in California.