MediPines Announces Research Collaboration with UC San Diego Medical Team to Monitor Pulmonary Gas Exchange Non-Invasively
Orange County, CA - May 10, 2017

ORANGE COUNTY, CaliforniaMay 10, 2017 — MediPines announced today that it has been partnering with the University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) to advance development of a novel, non-invasive medical device designed to monitor pulmonary gas exchange (i.e. lung function).  The innovation is licensed exclusively to MediPines, and is based on technology invented by Dr. John B. West, Professor Emeritus in the division of physiology, part of the Department of Medicine at UC San Diego School of Medicine.  West is a renowned medical text book author and global expert on respiratory physiology field.




“Right now, the only reliable measure of comprehensive gas exchange comes by drawing a blood sample – an arterial blood gas – from a patient, and waiting for the results.  This is suboptimal in acute settings, where it would be much better to have measurements available real-time to guide titration and management of therapeutic goals.  Arterial blood gas sampling can also be less-than-ideal for patients with chronic respiratory conditions due to inherent invasiveness, cost and delay.” stated Dr. West.  “We invented this technology to allow comprehensive measurement of gas exchange through a simple, comfortable, non-invasive methodology that is immediately available to guide diagnosis and treatment.”

The new monitor aims to provide gas exchange measures such as partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide, oxygen deficit, ventilation and perfusion inequality, respiratory quotient, etc.  The technology is the first of its kind to offer balanced and highly useful respiratory parameters using sampled gases from the patient’s breath (detected through a sensing tube) and a non-invasive pulse oximeter and plethysmograph.  The first clinical trials are already underway at UC San Diego to assess feasibility of the device, and future studies will assess the accuracy of the method and the potential to improve clinical outcomes.

“We are delighted to be working on this initiative with Dr. West, the UC San Diego Medical team and the other clinicians associated with the University of California,” says Steve Lee, CEO of MediPines. “Over 300 million patients worldwide suffer from chronic to acute respiratory issues, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  We believe this technology will be a significant step forward in respiratory physiology measurements and will provide reliable diagnosis and monitoring for these patients in need.”

The gas exchange monitor mentioned is not yet approved for commercial use.