COVID-19 Respiratory Monitoring with MediPines AGM100® in Long-Term Care Facilities
Orange County, CA - October 22, 2020

Long-term care facilities are facing extraordinary challenges with the devastating and often undetectable presence of COVID-19. Elderly and at-risk residents in retirement homes and assisted living facilities are more likely to suffer with comorbidities which can impact the severity and mortality of those with COVID-19. To meet this growing challenge in the face of rising pandemic, MediPines, a respiratory medical device company, has released a scientific paper on respiratory monitoring in long-term care facilities.

The CDC recommends frequent respiratory monitoring of long-term care residents, who are disproportionally impacted by COVID-19. The use of a portable, non-invasive respiratory monitoring system that detects pulmonary gas exchange impairment, like the MediPines AGM100®, is proving valuable in monitoring the elderly and those who are high-risk.

“We were concerned about the practicality of frequent respiratory monitoring in our elderly residents, and the presence of unpredictable conditions like silent hypoxemia. As a result, we committed to using an advanced respiratory monitoring system [AGM100] to obtain residents’ gas exchange measurements. We are monitoring both residents and staff to establish a baseline respiratory measurement. By doing this we will recognize if there is any change in a resident’s or staff’s respiratory status, giving us an early indication of potentially harmful respiratory conditions (e.g., Covid),” stated Jon Howell, Co-Owner of Gracious Living Estates in Pennsylvania.

“Unfortunately, respiratory illnesses like COVID-19, are disproportionally impacting our elderly population. There is an urgent need for frequent respiratory monitoring in this at-risk population,” said Steve Lee, CEO of MediPines. 

In an effort to support long-term care residents and workers, MediPines has released a scientific paper outlining the medical rationale behind proper respiratory monitoring. The discussion outlines the use of a non-invasive respiratory assessment for residents who may not be exhibiting classical symptoms (i.e. low oxygen saturation), but still may be suffering from lung damage due to COVID-19, such as “silent hypoxemia.” The MediPines AGM100® is a respiratory monitoring system that provides rapid non-invasive pulmonary gas exchange measurements, typically in under two minutes.

See MediPines Scientific Series: “The Case for Respiratory Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities: COVID-19

MediPines AGM100®  
MediPines AGM100® is an advanced respiratory monitoring system that provides a comprehensive respiratory assessment designed to support medical providers with rapid detection of respiratory impairment. MediPines AGM100® is an FDA cleared technology that non-invasively provides medical grade pulmonary gas exchange measurements. The device has been clinically validated and is FDA cleared and authorized for COVID-19 emergency use by Health Canada.

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