MediPines Recognized as a Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Provider in 2020
Orange County, CA - December 29, 2020

Covid-19 respiratory monitoring with MediPines AGM100®

MD Tech Review, a premier medical innovation magazine, has voted MediPines as a 2020 Top Ten Patient Monitoring Solution Provider.

MediPines’ innovative respiratory technology, AGM100®, is making a positive impact in hospitals battling Covid-19. This industry recognition came about as MediPines introduced the AGM100®, an advanced respiratory monitoring system, commercially in the US and Canada earlier this year.  

According to Dr. Ramirez, an emergency physician in Toronto, “By using the device (AGM100), we are sending fewer patients to the Intensive Care Unit, and we have higher confidence that those sent to the ICU really need to be there. Far more patients can be evaluated and treated at much less cost and time.” He is not alone. With ICUs at maximum capacity due to the pandemic, hospitals using the AGM100 have reported a dramatic improvement in triaging patients and efficient allocation of limited ICU resources.

Now, with a push of a button, medical providers know precisely what is happening with oxygen levels in the lungs and the blood with a simple breath test. It allows for medical professionals to rapidly assess the respiratory status of a patient, titrate interventions, and determine response to therapy. Providers do not have to introduce their patients to painful and invasive blood draws or radiation exposure.

This is a momentous development in patient monitoring, as frontline healthcare workers are voicing the need for a more advanced respiratory monitoring solution. The medical community is burdened with  complicated respiratory issues, such as COVID-19, pneumonia, and influenza. These respiratory diseases require a precise determination of gas exchange to detect and treat these illnesses.

“Patient lives are being improved and saved because medical professionals are providing quick personalized care based on the information provided by the AGM100. We are proud to be a part of the needed solution in the management of COVID-19,” stated Steve Lee, MediPines’ CEO and co-inventor of the AGM100 along with Dr. John B. West.

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About MediPines

MediPines Corporation, based in California, is a market leader in respiratory assessment and monitoring of pulmonary gas exchange. The company mission is to advance respiratory medicine by providing physiology-based respiratory devices that enhance clinical effectiveness and achieve better patient outcomes.

MediPines AGM100®

MediPines AGM100® is the world’s first non-invasive gas exchange analyzer. This advanced respiratory monitoring system was designed to rapidly detect respiratory impairment caused by conditions such as COVID-19, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, ARDS, pulmonary edema, and pulmonary embolism. The device is FDA cleared and approved for Health Canada COVID-19 Emergency Use. It provides a comprehensive panel of respiratory measurements including blood oxygen levels, Oxygen Deficit (A-a gradient), P/F ratio, and alveolar oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

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