About MediPines

MediPines Corporation, based in California, is the manufacturer of portable respiratory monitoring devices designed to provide real-time, clinically actionable data.

Medical Innovation

Advance the science of respiratory medicine by creating novel, practical, physiology-based technological solutions.

Clinician Value

Advance the quality and operating efficiency of medical care by enhancing and empowering clinical practice.
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Global Reach

Advance patient access to novel respiratory solutions across the globe.
MediPines Mission

MediPines Leadership

Steve Lee


Steve is the founder of MediPines and co-inventor of the AGM100®. He is an engineer by training, and a tech entrepreneur. Steve’s background is in product design, communication satellites, medical electronics, and software development.  He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago. Steve served as a management consultant with Boston Consulting Group and has a corporate background.

David Tatomir

VP of Sales

David is 30-year medical device sales leader and veteran. He has experience selling anesthesiology and respiratory products into hospital groups with Siemens, Roche Diagnostics, Instrumentation Lab. David holds a B.S. from Michigan State University, with post-graduate work in finance. Formerly he was a medical-technologist and respiratory therapist.

Richard Hinds

Medical Director

Richard worked at Mayo Clinic, Rochester for 13 years as a respiratory clinical specialist. He directed multiple clinical studies in the anesthesiology and respiratory fields at Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN. He holds a M.S. from George Washington University in Clinical Research Administration. Richard is currently licensed as a respiratory therapist in the state of Minnesota.

Carissa Drews

Marketing & Business Operations

Carissa is the Business Operations Manager at MediPines with expertise in digital and print marketing. Her background includes business operations, accounting,  professional writing, and leadership development. Carissa holds a B.A. in Communication Studies, and a M.A. from Biola University.