About MediPines

MediPines is a California-based medical device company focused on innovative respiratory assessment and management.  We are a global leader in non-invasive, pulmonary gas exchange monitoring.

MediPines' Mission

The mission of MediPines is to advance respiratory medicine by providing physiology-based respiratory devices that enhance clinical effectiveness, improve operational efficiency, and achieve better patient outcomes. 

Advancing Respiratory Medicine

MediPines Leadership

Steve Lee


Steve Lee, MBA, is the founder and CEO of MediPines, and co-inventor the AGM100. He is a systems engineer and tech entrepreneur with a corporate background, including working as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).  He holds numerous patents related to respiratory monitoring, in the United States and internationally. Steve’s engineering background is in complex product design, communication satellites, software, and medical electronics. He conducted graduate research studies in Systems Architecting at USC and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
John B. West

Dr. John B. West

Medical Advisory Chair 

John B. West. M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., Medical Advisory Chair, Co-inventor of the AGM100.  Emeritus professor of medicine and physiology, at UC San Diego School of Medicine. Dr. West is the former president of the American Physiological Society, Fellow of the National Academy of Medicine, and world-renowned respiratory physiologist and medical textbook author of Respiratory Physiology: The Essentials and Pulmonary Pathophysiology: The Essentials. He has made major scientific contributions in the area of ventilation-perfusion relationships in the lungs.  Published over 20 medical books and 500 scientific articles.
Dylan Sieck Round shadow 2.jpg

Dr. Dylan Sieck

Clinical Scientist

Dylan Sieck, PhD, was a medical researcher at the University of Oregon specializing in exercise and cardiovascular physiology. He also has 6 years experience studying respiratory physiology at the Mayo Clinic. He has multiple research publications focused on post-exercise cardiovascular responses in acute and chronic settings.

Richard Hinds

Medical Director

Richard worked at Mayo Clinic, Rochester for 13 years as a respiratory clinical specialist. He directed multiple clinical studies in the anesthesiology and respiratory fields at Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN. He holds a M.S. from George Washington University in Clinical Research Administration. Richard is currently licensed as a respiratory therapist in the state of Minnesota.

David Tatomir

VP of Sales

David is 30-year medical device sales leader and veteran. He has experience selling anesthesiology and respiratory products into hospital groups with Siemens, Roche Diagnostics, Instrumentation Lab. David holds a B.S. from Michigan State University, with post-graduate work in finance. Formerly he was a medical-technologist and respiratory therapist.
Emil Round

Dr. Emil Chao

VP of Business Operations

Emil Chao, PhD, brings 25 years of increasing technology strategy and management expertise at Infineon, Amkor, Conexant and Rivian. He is an inventor and published author of technology publications. Dr. Chao holds a PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering from UC Irvine.

Carissa Drews

Marketing & Operations

Carissa is the Marketing and Business Operations Manager at MediPines with expertise in digital and print marketing. Her background includes business operations, professional writing, and leadership development. Carissa holds a B.A. in Communication Studies, and a M.A. in Philosophy from Biola University.