Setting up the AGM100

This short run through visualizes taking an AGM100 test measurement, from start to finish; mainly to get a quick sense of how to run it yourself. Each instructional text (black sentence text with grey background) is followed with a corresponding picture below it.

When you turn on the device, you will see a blue start session button. This initiates the device for this session.

Make sure the breathing circuit and pulse-ox probe are connected to ports (right side of the monitor).

Use the keyboard to type whatever the patient identifier, name, etc. is. For demo purposes, you can simply type “demo”.
Then hit “gas exchange” button to begin!

This is the device calibration screen, and will only last around 10 seconds. The AGM100 is pulling air from the circuit at this time, so ensure that the patient is not breathing through the circuit yet!

Ensure the patient has a pulse ox and noseclip. Now they are ready to breathe through the breathing circuit. You should see all the numbers pop up and update in real time.

Allow the test to run automatically until it reaches steady state, which should take around 1-2 minutes.
(note: If it is running too long, you also have the option of pressing the “end” button to stop the session early)

You’re done! The screen will automatically stop and reach steady state, and the black background will turn green. The “Download to USB drive” will automatically pop up. Downloaded files are exported to a CSV file. You also have the option to print the results using the printer icon on the bottom right.

Please note that measurements are not stored from session to session.