MediPines Advantage

Triage Location

Risk stratify patients by categorizing mild (send home), moderate (admit-observe) to severe (admit-treatment).


Monitor response to therapy (in hospital care). Categorize patients from severe to critical: Does the patient need ventilator access?

Long Term Care Facility

Monitor impending respiratory risks monitor all residents 1-3 times per day with a simple 2-minute respiratory test.

Key Advantages

  • Objective, non-invasive pulmonary gas exchange test, in under 2 minutes.

  • Rapid assessment of patients’ respiratory status.

  • Objective early assessment and rapid clinical decision making.

  • Reduced pathogen exposure to front line healthcare workers.

  • Portable system, high patient compliance, intuitive push button operation.

  • Strong scientific foundation, extensive clinical evidence.

  • Backed by the top 2 of the 10 largest hospital systems in the United States.

Key Benefits Highlighted by Current Adoptees

  • Dramatic reduction in hospitalized COVID-19 patient death rates.

  • Significant reduction in ICU/Ventilator uses and PPE needs.

  • High boost in healthcare worker morale.

  • Radical operating leverage in limited resource situations.

  • One MediPines AGM100 test cost is at a fraction of current PPE costs.