MediPines AGM100®

Respiratory Monitoring System

MediPines AGM100®
Innovative Respiratory Monitor

Non-Invasive Pulmonary Gas Exchange in Minutes

The non-invasive pulmonary gas exchange monitor provides healthcare providers with information on patient gas exchange previously only available through invasive or complicated methods. The device provides critical parameters such as blood oxygen level, (PO2), carbon dioxide levels (PETCO2), oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, pulse rate, etc. It also provides novel insights through innovative measurements including Oxygen Deficit, respiratory quotient, and PO2 (arterial to alveolar ratio) unavailable in other devices.
  • Non-invasive
  • Comprehensive Gas Exchange Measurements
  • Point-of-care (POC)
  • Immediate Patient Results

Actionable Data in Real Time

MediPines AGM100®
Intuitive Touch Screen

Comprehensive Interrelated Parameters to Answer Three Essential Respiratory Questions

  • Is ventilation adequate? PETCO2
  • Is oxygen transport from gas to blood efficient? O2 Deficit
  • Is blood oxygenation sufficient? gPaO2™


Breath-by-Breath Direct Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Measurements

Real-time Breathing Gas Waveforms for Immediate Assessment

  • Instantaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide levels from exhaled gas
  • Easily detect steady-state breathing patterns
  • Push button operation

COVID-19 and AGM100® Use

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