MediPines AGM100®

Respiratory Monitoring System

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MediPines AGM100®
Innovative Respiratory Device

The MediPines Gas Exchange Monitor is the first technology of its kind to integrate a comprehensive set of critical parameters and innovative respiratory indices analyzed from a patient’s normal breathing samples in a simple, easy to administer breathing test in only a few minutes.   It provides non-invasive measurement of respiratory gas exchange for real-time respiratory status detection.

Non-invasive, Actionable Data, in Real Time

Real-time Respiratory Status Detection


The non-invasive monitor provides clinicians with information on patient gas exchange previously only available through invasive or complicated methods. The device provides critical parameters such as respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and end-tidal CO2. It also provides novel insights through innovative indices including oxygen deficit and respiratory quotient, unavailable in other devices.

  • Non-invasive
  • Comprehensive Gas Exchange Measurements
  • Point-of-care (POC)
  • Immediate Patient Results





Portable and Designed for Point-of-Care Use

The MediPines AGM100® is a breath-based gas test that uses advanced technology and proven medical methods to measure a patient’s degree of respiratory impairment within a few minutes.  The device is noninvasive and uses a disposable breathing circuit with a mouthpiece designed to limit pathogen exposure which is highly important to the safety of both patients and frontline healthcare workers. The device provides measurements, such as Oxygen Deficit, that indicate the severity of a patient’s respiratory impairment. By using this repeatable test clinicians can trend patients’ respiratory impairment to see if they are improving or deteriorating.

The MediPines Gas Exchange Monitor (AGM100®) is built on patented technologies and manufactured in the USA.



MediPines AGM100® Measurements

Real-Time Respiratory Parameters and Innovative Calculated Indices

  • Functional Oxygen Saturation (%SpO2)– The percentage of oxygen saturated hemoglobin relative to total hemoglobin in arterial blood
  • Pulse Rate (PR)– The number of times the heart beats per minute
  • PIO2– Partial pressure of inspired oxygen, mmHg
  • PETO2– End-tidal oxygen partial pressure, mmHg
  • PETCO2– End-tidal carbon dioxide partial pressure, mmHg
  • Respiratory Rate (RR)– The number of patient breaths per unit time
  • gPaO2– Calculated arterial partial pressure of oxygen, mmHg
  • Oxygen Deficit– Breath-based index of gas exchange inefficiency that is the difference between alveolar and arterial oxygen levels, mmHg



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