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Gas Exchange Analysisat the point of care

MediPines Single Patient Use Breathing Circuit

MediPines Single Patient Use Breathing Circuit

The MediPines Single Patient Use Breathing Circuit is optimized to sample normal breathing gas of impaired patients, and is specially
designed to work with the MediPines Gas Exchange Monitor (AGM100®).

Specially Engineered for Breathing Gas Sampling

The circuits consist of a medical grade (polycarbonate) mouthpiece attached to a co-extruded PVC/PE sampling line. The sampling line material prevents gas absorption as the gases travel from the patient to the monitor for precise and accurate readings.

Designed for Respiratory Patients

Patient-Centric Design

Ergonomic patient-side opening supports patient comfort and compliance. The Circuit uses a handle-connector to serve multiple functions: facilitate easier circuit handling, more surface area for sampling tube bonding, and to discourage tube kinks.

Hydrophobic Membranes

The breathing circuit incorporates an enclosed monitor-side filtration system that blocks particulates at a micron level from entering and contaminating the unit. The monitor-end connector slides over an annular O-ring to prevent gas leakage or contamination of the sampled gas.

Medical Grade Materials

The materials have passed biocompatibility testing for contact durations up to 24 hours. The testing included rigorous tests per ISO 10993 for cytotoxicity, irritation, and sensitization. All joints and sections of the circuits are air-tight and are tested for leakage at a state of the art ISO 13485:2016 facility and heat-sealed in individual packaging.

Designed to Eliminate Pathogen Exposure

Designed to Eliminate Pathogen Exposure

The monitor end of the breathing circuit sample line contains a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane filter to protect the monitor from pathogen-containing droplets from patient breath samples. This prevents the re-circulation of pathogens into room air via the monitor’s exhaust system.